Woodshop and laser cutter induction

(Marc Lupton) #1


I couldn’t quite see a thread where to add your name to the induction list .

I would be interested in doing an induction for all tools in the woodshop and the laser cutter In the 1st week of April . I should be able to pick my fob up at the same time

(Dermot Jones) #2

Hi Marc,

When your first payment comes through you’ll get automatic notifications of induction sessions and be able to put yourself on the waiting list – assuming you’ve linked your Discourse account with your membership account

@lasertrchs currently don’t run a waitlist, but operate on a ‘nag me’ basis. So basically: ask

For woodshop: you need to do the general woodshop induction first, and then produce some projects before access to the other tools. @woodtechs can tell you more

As you know members run inductions in their own time so they can be sporadic – some members charge £5 for an induction, as an incentive for them to happen

We’re on the lookout for more members to run inductions. So if you have the skill and experience please consider putting some time into this

(David Cushing) #3

Hi both!
My first payment went through today, but I don’t have access to the members’ areas yet. I’d really like to join these sessions, if they’re happening though! @LuptonM - did you get anywhere with scheduling anything with anyone?
@Dermot - will my account only become “active” once I’ve collected and activated my keyfob?
Cheers both!

(Marc Lupton) #4

Not yet. I am a fair way down on the induction list.

Not sure what you have to do to become a wood tech. I figure I will be here a while

(Martin John Finch) #5

Welcome Marc,

The induction waiting lists are somewhat misleading, as they contain people who have left the space, or for various reasons don’t want an induction any more. In practice, you won’t have to wait long for an induction. If it’s more than 3 or 4 weeks, post again on Discourse, or send a direct message to @woodtechs asking for one.

To become a woodtech, you must demonstrate both skills and commitment to the space, and gain the support of the existing techs as well as the directors. It’s an important responsibility in each area, not just wood, and awarded after you have been an active member for some time.

(Marc Lupton) #6

Still haven’t been inducted yet.

Didn’t realise it was nearly 8 weeks since I posted this!

(Scot Warner) #7

Yeah I’ve been waiting for woodshop induction to pop up as well. Only managed to get in on laser cutter so far. Starts getting expensive for a space that essentially can’t be used. Has there been any more dates set?

(Dermot Jones) #8

@woodtechs any news on more inductions and inductors?

To people who want inductions: please feel free to ask!

If you have a project and aren’t inducted it often works to just bring the project down: there’s usually someone around who can do a couple of cuts on the table saw for example…

Meanwhile: we’re really looking for more members to volunteer time as woodtech or inductors

(Jonty Bottomley) #9

I ran one last Wednesday, still not getting the @woodteks notifications so may well be missing a lot of requests.

(David Cushing) #10

I would love a woodshop induction. Unfortunately I’m as busy as a very busy thing over the next six weeks, so I’m going to have to wait. I did see that Jonty was running a session last wednesday - was never going to work for me :frowning: Hope it went well though.

(kevin) #11

The woodshop induction was pretty straight forward, I’d be happy to run some. Full disclose: I have a reasonable amount of woodworking experience but haven’t used the woodshop yet (my recent projects have been on the larger side) so I understand if that makes me unsuitable for this.