Wirelessly controlled digital servo help

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I’m upgrading my Third Thumb project and I’m using x2 FSR sensors to control x2 high end digital servos, wirelessly with Arduino Nano 33 IOTs, and I’m having a challenging time with my code… I have everything connected and working, its just a bit glitchy - and the servos work ok separately but not that well together which has me a bit stumped.
I feel like it may be a bit much to bring to electronics night as a project? Has anyone worked with these components together before, or know someone who does?


No specific experience, but how are you powering the servos? From the Arduino?
In my (limited) experience of multi servo setups they do prefer to be powered separately.

It sounds like an ideal electronics night project to me

What do you think @electrotechs?

They’re externally powered, and separately powered from the Arduino. I don’t think power is the issue

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Oooh I saw this on hackaday, it’s such a cool project!

I won’t be at the electronics night, but I’d be more than happy to give your code a look to see if I can spot any issues!