WIP: Air quality monitoring

(Filip) #1

I am making an air quality monitoring… box. It’s far enough now that I decided to do a writeup on some of it, and I’d love to get your suggestions on both the project and style of writeups, as I suspect I’d be doing these for most of the projects I do.

Of possible interest to @electronoob as we were chatting about this yesterday.

(Filip) #2

Some updates, including on stuff I did at the space. If someone more familiar with the ESP family could help me diagnose the WiFi issues, I’d be super grateful.

(Jonty Bottomley) #3

I really enjoyed reading about your project, nice documentation and thanks for sharing.

I like the idea, would you be up for discussing a similar integrated set up for the Makerspace as a means of analyzing extraction from any given tool as well as the surrounding area. It’s still far to easy for that place especially to become pretty gross and it’d be great to have some metric by which to rate the workshop’s extract and cultivate safe use of a small space with lots of means of producing very fine dust…

(Filip) #4

Yeah, sure - this setup should be pretty easy to replicate and there are similar sensors for larger dust species too.