Will clean the kitchen in exchange for 16 mitre joints!

(Edmund Thomas Green) #1

Hello all,

I’m looking to make a very simple coffee table out of OSB to replace our existing wobbly one (which is an accident waiting to happen). I have plenty of experience of workshops right through school and university (I have a degree in architecture from Sheffield where i spent most of my time building models). I was hoping to avoid becoming a member as i’m only in London for a few more months and this is the only project i’ll have on.

I’d be very greatly of anyone willing to have me as their guest. I need to make 16 mitre joint cuts on a band saw /circular table saw (depending on equipment) and that’s it!


(Tom Lynch) #2

Unfortunately you need to be a member to use the space and have an induction before you could use the equipment.

(Edmund Thomas Green) #3

I understood from a person I spoke to on the phone at makerspace that people could use the facilities without being a member as long as a member had them as their guest and accepted responsibility for them?

Failing that, does anyone know of a space where you can hire machine tools out by the hour?

(joeatkin2) #4

I am sure that someone would be prepared to help you if you made a donation to the space or the member . Time or money
But I am sure that you understand that we have quite a few people knocking on the door trying to get someone to do work of various sizes for free.

Hint if you retitled the post “will clean kitchen for 16 miter cuts” there would be plenty of people offering to help.

(Edmund Thomas Green) #5

That’s a great tip, Thank you!

(Edmund Thomas Green) #6

Very willing to make a contribution to the makerspace, whether that be to assist on a personal project or to assist with a makerspace community task; cleaning the kitchen, sourcing materials, delivering items via bicycle…

Open to any ideas. Please get in touch if you can help / would like some help!

(joeatkin2) #7

Now you’re talking. I will probably be around tomorrow

(Edmund Thomas Green) #8

How long do you think it might take to cut 16 mitre joints and clean the kitchen? I.e, is there a long queue for the machines usually? And how messy is the kitchen?

(joeatkin2) #9

Depending on who is there

Was there last night and oddly the kitchen is quite clean at the moment. But we do need 3mm and 3.5mm drill bits

(Dale Connolly) #10

@Jackd gave it a good clean first thing yesterday. I’d love to say I helped, but I sat drinking coffee.

We also need some PZ2 & PZ3 bits for the impact driver.

(joeatkin2) #11

I think that we should set the maximum ask for a donation to the price of a pint …

(Edmund Thomas Green) #12

Very happy to contribute in any of those ways. Are you about at all next Sunday Joe?
Depending on state of kitchen i can clean / buy drill bits / get a pint.

(joeatkin2) #13


(Edmund Thomas Green) #14

Okay, i’ll get in touch next Friday. Thanks for your help!

(Edmund Thomas Green) #15

Okay, i’ll get in touch next Friday. Thanks for your help!

(Edmund Thomas Green) #16

Hi Joe, will you be about this Sunday?

Very happy to pick up drill bits and bring them with me, or to clean the kitchen if its messy again, or to assist with anything else… Let me know!

I also realised since writing the post that its actually 8 straight cuts and 8 mitre cuts - so even simpler!