Who wants to make some masks this week? We have kits (inc sewing machines!)

I’ll be in the Space tomorrow from late morning for a few hours doing face mask prep, and shield kit wrangling

We have four sewing machines + an overlocker (apparently the fastest way to make face masks…???) and everything you need to produce a bunch of Olson face masks

I’ll be putting together kits for people to collect, but we only have a few sets of everything, so if you have sewing gear already let us know and we can leave stuff out

Kit can have:

  • several metres of contrasting Material
  • pair of scissors
  • seam ripper
  • needle threader
  • thread
  • elastic
  • printed pattern
  • sewing machine(unless you have one)
  • pins
  • the thing I didn’t know about, but someone will mention below…

Who’s up for it?

P.S. I’ve been experimenting with laser cutting the fabric, and it looks like a great time saver…


@Dermot are these masks available to purchase by members for personal use?

That’s a good question. Members are going to need masks

At the moment we need people with time to put in on a sewing machine to get production going

These masks are designed to be well-fitting, versatile and long lasting…but they take about half an hour each to make

We have laser-cut parts for about 100 masks right now

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I’d volunteer, but I’m WFH and have childcare/home schooling issues. Fantastic idea and really pleased SLMS is stepping up :muscle:t2:

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Hi, sorry I keep missing the threads for this.
Im keen to help out with my sewing and assembling skills just have some logistical issues to figure out.
I currently full time WFH and don’t have a car to pick up a sewing kit. ( I have a bike, but would be tricky to carry it all)
If possible someone could drop me a kit, I’d be happy to do some sewing most nights and then cycle in with the completed face masks.
Let me know if this is possible, otherwise I’ll keep an eye out for other ways to help

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I guess now we’re really in the business of needing face masks after the government has changed their mind now.

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I’d say there’s work to do…

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Looks like the masks take ~ 30 mins each to assemble (sew, prep and fit nose bridge and elastic)

With that in mind what would be a reasonable ask for people to make at home?

5, 10, 20…50?

We might put them as kits of 5 as that seems to be a good number that fits in the small bags we have

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I’m just in the Space now: cutting patterns and putting some kits together

I can drop off machines etc locally later and tomorrow. Put your general area in a reply (no addresses or mobile numbers) and DM me addresses and I may be able to drop off on my way home later

P.S. I’ll have some kits ready in next half hour for collection, and more by the time I finish

I’m in streatham hill, approx 7 mins from makerspace.

I’ll DM you now

hi dermot

i have a sewing machine at home and could drive over to the space to pick up a kit to make some masks.

let me know when a good time to organise this would be.

@petra will be in tomorrow afternoon

Hi, sometime between 11am and 2pm?

I have a request from the Trussel Trust Foodbank in Clapham for 25 masks.

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@gustojvalle is it possible to do a version of your excellent spreadsheet to cover the masks?

Hey Petra are you in the space I’ll come and collect mask bits if so.


There’s now a bunch of mask kits @petra might have an idea of how many

Each kit is materials for 5 masks (some are missing elastic)

We can post out kits if that works for people who have sewing capabilities at home

Yes, of course, I’m sorting it out and I’ll release it as soon as it is done.

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