What I have been making recently

I posted last week as a prospective new member; thought you might like to see some of the most recent projects I have made.

The clocks were made as samples to see whether the majority of numbers on the face looked better as circular or square Lego pieces. One one beech, one was ash. I made the final one from cherry ( went with circles in the end). The 2 samples were subsequently sold to put some money back into my project pot ! I use the paw print as my maker’s moniker.
The sheep and the candle sticks are scroll saw projects.
The square box was a commission for a memory box for a friend who had lost her husband. I etched the glass myself.
The two shields were for my Dad’s bowls club.
I made the coasters on a course to investigate the use of resin - good fun and I got some good background knowledge to take forward to future projects.

Other piccys may follow when I can locate them…


Had forgotten which pictures I had uploaded ! The shoe rack was made for by the back door to tidy up the pile of detritus that seems to accumulate there. I think I used my Trend mortise & tenon jig but I am not 100% sure on that.
The Lego puzzle was made for my Lego addict sister for Christmas last years cut from meranti. Just about A4 size.
(The square box earlier was cut using a Trend dovetail jig.)


Found a few more pictures to show previous projects made as mentioned in my last projects post.

The folding table is made from solid oak using a router circle jig; legs were cut using a tapering jig on a table saw. (Bonus item - In the background there is a dovetailed box custom made to accommodate my trend DC400 dovetail jig + accessories - the jig was used to make the box itself)
The corner stand is probably the most technical thing I have made; American yellow pine, on a mortise & tenon jig with angled, offset tenons and sliding half dovetail joints that the shelf slide into (1 metre high for scale)
The trug is my own design cut from solid oak (approx 370mm long from memory for scale)
Picture frame is in ash for a Disney addicted friend and daughter
A couple more scroll saw cut jigsaws from maple (bowler) and ash (sewing machine)
Another trophy made last weekend from sapele and finished with danish oil & wax (300mm high for scale)
I am renovating/ replacing the slats on a garden bench; the seat is done, in the picture, you can see the old wood still on the back; the back has also now been completed. All wood is currently being oiled with teak oil. New wood is sapele which has turned a lovely rich dark colour with a couple of coats of oil so far.


Garden bench now finished - following on from previous picture sapele back and slats now completed. Taking advantage of the good weather so it is out in the fresh air and the sun drying off a bit more having had a few coats of teak oil.
The mitred joints on the back are half-lapped using a router table to cut the underneath of the upright, and a router to remove the corresponding sections on the horizontals with some chiselling to tidy them up. I needed to accommodate the rounded edge on the slats that I had bought. Glued with Titebond dark wood glue which is for exterior use and will not leave a visible glue line.


That looks great!

Thanks - I’ve not done many outdoor projects but that might change with how this turned out ! First time using teak oil so it will be interesting to see how the treated wood deals with some rain (but hopefully not for a while !).