What happened to the bandsaw? Someone left the blade out

A member went in to use the bandsaw this evening to find it inoperable, and has therefore wasted a valuable booked session

Please notify other members if you end up putting a tool out of use, for whatever reason, or if you see that it looks wrong – even if you did something daft it’s much better to own the daftness so we can get it fixed

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I took the blade out!

Went to use it myself and it spat a broken blade out at me!
No notice left on the machine at all.
It couuuld have just gone twang all by itself… unlikely though…

Please if you happen to break something or find something broken;
Make sure it’s obvious, and not able to cause further damage to itself or an unsuspecting user…

Dug out a new one, didn’t have time to fit it and set up the stops though!
It’s on my to do list for tomorrow morning!