What are the peak times?

I’ve visited the space three times to try to pick up my fob for the first time. Everytime I visit the space is empty! Is anyone willing to coordinate to let me in?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thursday evening is electronics night. Guaranteed to have some one in. Good luck.

Hi Emily :sunglasses: What sort of time have you been coming down to the space or when are you thinking about dropping in,im off work over the next couple of days and would only be too happy to make sure im around as im currently making a lot of things for an event this weekend. With kindest of regards Brian

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@platinumnqueen22 the last few times have been monday and Tuesday circa 8pm and Sunday at 6pm. So maybe on the later/not popular side of things.

I’ll probably drop by tomorrow after work circa 7. But as it’s a friday evening not sure how many people are going to be hanging around the makerspace.

Hi Emily,

It’s very unusual for the Space to be closed at these times. Was the shutter down?

Our doorbell disappeared mysteriously…so you might have to knock hard