Webcam in space?

Can I float an idea?

Is it possible to connect a webcam and point it at the shutters from somewhere. It would make it easy to see if anyone is there. This would help the members without shutter access.

Camera would only need to point at the door and not catch anything of the inside so as to not compromise privacy.

I have a camera I am willing to donate if this is something that people agree with.


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You could point at a light in the clean room?

Yes, anywhere. Thats a good idea!

Alternatively, if the shutter log showed open/closed the issue would be solved, but this has been discussed and I believe that is difficult.

Synchronistically, I had a brainstorm with @hanmack101 and settled on a webcam, trained on the clean room light, as the best/easiest option.

The next step is probably to put it on the agenda for the next members meeting?

Unless you want to test the solution but I think it’s fairly simple?

Perhaps this should be in the private discussion area?

Why not just detect if the shutter is open or closed?

Also: if you don’t have shutter access or are using ‘no lone working’ tools ma better approach is to arrange visits around when other members are in the space (the shutter being open when you check doesn’t mean it will be in five minutes). So communication with other members is the key here

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We were thinking of a standalone system

Definitely agree re: communication is key, especially for using “no lone working tools”

I have often just wanted to pop in after work if I get out early and not had enough time to arrange, its sometimes been a wasted journey. Which is fine by me, thats part of the deal with a community space.

Mainly just an idea that’s been niggling, so I thought I’d check.


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no webcams, thank you very much.

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What even mounted next to and trained exclusively on an overhead light?

What possible objection(s) could anyone have to that?

Unless it’s the light bulb’s privacy you’re concerned about?

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Was just an idea for a quick solution to helping members without shutter access who want to come down at short notice.

If not everyone is on board, then I will leave it here.


Good compromise could be a camera with he lens removed and tracing paper duct taped to the front, that way you could sense movement / light, but no features of any interest

That said, this Problem will be fixed properly with the membership system ‘at some point’ hopefully soon…

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It’s cheap, easy and may have other applications so might still be worth pursuing?

A simpler solution would be to just install the magnetic sensor I made with @lewisss like a year ago and be done with it.

The code is all there and you get a light saying open or closed, but I didn’t have the skills to install it.

I appreciate the work you put in but I don’t think you can get any more simple than a webcam feed on a password protected page which will either be light for open or dark for closed.

I feel that is an underestimation of the work involved and as people have flagged there is a massive concern about privacy that you have to overcome, network security issues, and bandwidth issues. It’s not impossible but it’s not actually simple when there is already a solution for this that just needs to be installed.

This device already works and exists, it just needs to 2 holes drilled in the shutter and one in the wall, an extension lead and some tape. and it’s basically done.

Well I could do that. Do you want to meet and show me exactly what needs doing?

I really do want the easiest solution that actually gets done.

Fair enough, but the privacy concerns have been dealt with above (lens removal and tracing paper). Bandwidth could easily be controlled by updating at the slowest rate and lowest resolution. Network security could be an issue but not insurmountable even if it had to have it’s own mobile network connection.

Hi ~All, :smiley: a camera outside would be fine, not in the space as this will lead to a TROLL problem . Brian D=

As discussed previously it would be impossible to discern any useful information other than whether the light is on or off.

In any case, the other solution mentioned by @unknowndomain maybe easier to implement

Someone who is actually a member needs to speak to Mark about this.

A webcam is a solution to the problem, as is the shutter switch as @unknowndomain has suggested!!

Top marks for logic.

However, is this the real problem??

As @Dermot implied; the shutter is always open just before someone closes it,! So having the shutter status at any given time is really totally useless information.

It could be open when you leave say Brixton (or even Morley’s round the corner) But closed just as you arrive!

Surely the best way to ensure access is to join in, become a trusted member and get shutter access.

Or get friendly with a key holder and arrange to meet them there.

Failing that there is a phone in the space which you can ring and ask if there is anyone there and if they will be staying?