Wanting to Learn!

Hi Everyone,

Slightly left field request but to give a bit of backstory I joined the Makerspace a year or so ago (just as lockdown hit!) as a bit of a creative outlet as was feeling really uninspired at my architecture job and was really missing the workshops/making element of university.

Am just putting out some feelers as I am still at my architecture job hoping to drop down to 4 days a week and spend one day a week doing something completely different/more hands on. Was just wondering if anyone from the space/anyone you know might need some help on any projects for one day a week (as stuff starts to open up a bit more!) I am happy to work for free/apprentice wage as I am just really keen to learn more about woodwork/metal work so you would be doing me a favour as much as anything. I have basic knowledge of woodworking tools (bandsaw/sander/planing etc) from my time at university as well as basic construction knowledge with some minimal experience.

I am very very open to anything whether it be furniture/sculpture/upholstery/building work/sewing/printing - no matter how small or large - basically if anyone could use an extra pair of hands and are up for teaching me on the job sort of thing.

If anyone knows anyone or they themselves are interested or could point me in the right direction this would be so so helpful - just reply to this post or happy for you to email me on evenixon642@hotmail.com. Let me know if you would require any examples of work I have done previously.


I was thinking about your message, and though it’s not what you asked for I remembered there are all these endangered skills looking for makers to keep them alive…

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Hi Dermot,

Thanks so much for sending that through!! Really interesting, will have a proper look into some of those.

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