VR/AR/AI Nigeria China California hacker in town till monday

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(Jeremy Kirshbaum) #1

I am in London until Monday for a conference. Packing a Vive Focus, a Magic Leap, and Occipital Structure Sensor etc. if anyone wants to meet up and play and hack lmk! email is jjkirshbaum@gmail.com if you want to check out my work go to www.jjk.fyi, www.sixervr.com, and ansible.group

(Bushra Burge) #2

Hey Jeremy, your work looks super interesting. I have been playing with immersive, haptics, multi-sensory story telling, costume . .http://www.bushraburge.com/ and based in south london…

and would have loved to have met but alas am out of London till Tuesday. But will drop you a mail as in California next week !
All the best Bushra