Volunteer day - SUNDAY 13/6/21

Hello all,

This Sunday will be our first Volunteer Day of 2021.

We will be meeting from 1pm outside the MakerSpace.

We need to to a bit of a spring clean outside and in the clean room. So it will be mainly tidying and gardening.

But we will get rewarded with a BBQ at the end of it starting from 4-5pm.

Please let me know if you’re coming in the comments.


I am coming down. I thought I would take a detailed look at the planer in the wood room. I might do a bit of personal stuff too.


Hi Giles, please bear in mind that the inside workshops are all booked until 1.30 so you would have access from 2pm to the woodshop

Will do.
Would you like me to bring my vise down next time?
The quick release vise needs lubricating every now and again in order to function. I just gave it some slideway lube.

Wish I could make it! Make a list of outstanding tasks and I will try to tackle some later in the week!

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Unfortunately I already had plans for this weekend; hopefully I’ll see you all soon.

Shall I bring my vise down next time I am at the space?