Visiting from Denmark

Hello - I’m an American member of a hackerspace in Copenhagen called Labitat who will be spending time in the UK frequently this summer until I gain official residency in Denmark. Is it possible to visit your space anytime between now and Monday night? It appears that this present visit will not coincide with any of your open evenings. Are any members into sticker exchanges? I come with Labitat stickers if there is interest I can leave some for you.

I’m very interested in finding a maker/hacker home base here during frequent visits to London this summer. I have submitted a member interest survey and hope that is appropriate. Currently I have to be out of Schengen for basically 50% of the time so will be back and forth between UK/Ireland and Denmark, and maybe the USA, quite a bit.

My current plans are to be here though Monday, back to Denmark early Tuesday and then return here again around the 21st. It would be amazing if there is a time I could swing by and say hello when people are likely to be there.

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Absolutely, feel free to come by! We love getting to know about other spaces, especially those that visit from other countries. This evening would be a great time to meet people, we have electronics night happening. Around 7pm would be the start of the most active time I imagine. I’m sure we must have some SLMS stickers we can give to you also!

Awesome – thanks! I am having dinner at 7 but can make that quick and then head over your way. I assume people will still be there at 8 or 8:30? If not I will change my dinner plans to make it earlier.


Yes we have the electronics night tonigh, please feel free to drop by!