Vinyl record box. Need 1st Induction

@woodtechs Hi the guys, I am a new member and I have a project for the woodshop to make some boxes for my vinyl record collection. I Would love to get to is ASAP but need the first induction. Is the any way I can make a that happen this week? I will be willing to pay extra to Makerspace. I will become the workshop slave to get the induction out the way lol. But if anyone can help me it will hugely be appreciated.

Workshop slave is a position we haven’t considered up until this moment.

The woodtecs will have to have a meeting to decide whether a full gimp costume is required.

And more to the point will you be supplying your own gimp outfit?

On a serious note I should be around this afternoon and the best way of getting a quick induction is to make yourself useful what are your skill sets?


Mate… on serious note… I got the whole kit and I can take a beating and kind of like getin beat-up lol.

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