Used to have access to table saw?

Just tried with my fob and it says I don’t have access.

I was given access a while ago ore lockdown and have a key that used to go into the old table saw access

For reference I was previously given access by Jonty pre lockdown


@woodtechs ?

We have now finally finished the formula induction for the table saw, so the ad-hoc system we previously used has had to be abandoned.

Hopefully we’ll start running the inductions in the near future if you had access to a previously we can probably jump you to the top of the queue


How are inductions are going to work in a world full of covid I don’t quite know

What about people with the key? We should really remove that and change over to a fob only system.

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Jabs, tests, masks and air filters - same way we do anything except stay home these days…

No worse that going to a restaurant, if someone is not comfortable they should not participate.


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The key is supposed to be a bypass if the software fails, but because the software has been so long coming it got used for more than it was intended to used.

The next generation of tool control will have a far more tightly controlled override function


I’m in same boat as Marc, access given several years ago and been using it with fob access.

I think we need to fast-track members who’ve been given access in the past, are now experienced and have regularly used the table saw…otherwise we’re going into reverse?


My thoughts also, there are several members who have amassed much more supervised use than one gets in an induction and shouuuld be aware of all points touched on in the induction.

Will run a induction next week for people who have lost access.