Used Laser Material Clear Out - Deadline 15th Sept!

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There’s a lot of used laser material around the laser cutter and under the CnC - so it’s time for a clear out.

If you have any laser material saved you have until the 15th Sept to tag it with the new ‘Don’t Toss My Project’ tags (thanks @mbg) with your name and start and end dates - otherwise it will be scrapped/donated to the communal bin.

The tags can be found on the laser pc desk, along with some masking tape to attach.

Note: having your name written on the wood doesn’t count - use the ‘Don’t Toss My Project’ tags.


Signal boost - @laserusers

Wood need to have the new tags on them before 15th otherwise they will be scraped.

@tmilner Camille @yann_glauser @DuncanK @ryanf Ed W @Camille

You need to put a ‘Don’t Toss My Project’ tags on you material before the weekend otherwise it will be moved to the communal bin

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Sorry I’ve been meaning to add one but keep forgetting, will add one tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yes will do, I’ll be in on Friday so will do it then!

Final warning - I’ll be in the space this weekend, if there’s any untagged material it will be moved to the communal bin

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Thank you for the chase @Martyn_Thomas. I try to be there before the grand sweep. When you say communal bin you’re referring to “its being free to use for other members” or literally into the bin?

I think I have a sheet there that should still have a lot of nice usable space. I am happy for someone to use it that doesn’t want to shell out for their own stock but it would be a shame if it goes to waste. Just reading your original message answered that. sorry.

Laser Material clean-up done - Thanks for everyone who tagged their projects.

We now have material in the communal bin for members to use