Use of 1.75mm materials on the Utilmaker 2+

All the stuff that is there is freely available for members use, correct?

Otherwise we can’t realistically store 300 members spools of PLA…

Years back I was told that if you leave it there, you’re saying “use some, but leave some”


Sounds good- I will add this as a note to the tool page, otherwise I think it’s not totally clear!

Yes, no members storage there…but a convention of ‘it belongs to____, but welcome to use’ has arisen

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I got just one spool of TPU, so when I need to test it there, I will take mine for the day and bring it back…

About the safety, ABS is very toxic and not recommended at all indoors without proper filtering and ventilation, same with ASA
Other filaments like TPU and PETG are as safe as PLA, so it shouldn’t be a problem to print

Btw, some filaments can be very very easy to clog or to damage the nozzle, like PLA Carbon Fibre. So before using it, the printer will need some steel nozzles… I guess I got one or two spare at home

We had a ruby nozzle for abrasive filament, someone stole it.


Better about those expensive upgrades then
The steel nozzle is very inexpensive, if I find my spares,I can take one to the space

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When this nozzle wears out we can get a steel one


Just wondering if there was any progress or thoughts on progress on the original question about 1.75mm PLA filament?

Apparently it can be used, we just need to tighten the extruder but there will be compliance in the bowden tube

Ok, if the 3d techs aren’t unhappy (tho presumably will be keen for the machine to be diligently set back to the regular / 2.8 config after use) I guess I just found a use for the moderate pile of 1.75mm PLA I inherited recently :slight_smile:

Or you can use the Dreamer