Urgent: we need a lovely member to host Open Evening tonight!

(Dermot Jones) #1

Our host for tonight has had to drop out due to work commitments…and it’s only a few hours until our open evening guests will start arriving!

So we’re looking for a maker-hero to step up and welcome our inquisitive guests, offer them refreshments, and show them around the space – in what we rather grandly call ‘the tour’.

Pretty much everything you need to know about Open Evening is here: guide for hosts

The time commitment for this is from about 7 till 9pm. And it’s a fun and rewarding way of contributing to the running of the space.

@members do you accept the challenge?

(Mark Johnson) #2

I am on my way in.
I will do it

(Dermot Jones) #3

Good man Mark!

You already do a huge amount for the space

(Mark Johnson) #4

Bins and wheely bin out by gate

(Pete Hellyer) #5

I tried to tidy up as much as possible this afternoon, but apologies if it’s a bit messy still.

(Dermot Jones) #6

Messy? We cleaned and tidied on Sunday! Table was cleared and cleaned

(Pete Hellyer) #7

well… I made a bunch of mess. It was beautifully clean when I arrived. Hopefully so when I left too.

(Chanelle) #8

MARK…thank you sooo much!!!

Something lovely on it’s way to you.

(Henry Cooke) #9

Hello! Is there much point in coming to the open evening tonight if I’m not going to arrive much before 21:00?

(Dermot Jones) #10

Hi Henry: I’m sure someone will be there. You might not get the full tour, but you’ll get a good welcome!

(Paul Court) #11

Hi Guys,

Its Wednesday and open evening time again…

Anyone about who can host tonight ? probably wont be hugely busy but a friendly face to meet and greet and have a chat is all that’s really needed.

For those that haven’t done one we have some guidance notes (again not hard, main part is to be there to answer basic questions about the space etc)

Guide for hosts link is in the initial message of this thread !


(Fred Witting) #12

you’ll find i did it and updated the sheet where people sign up.
Suggest we start bumping that thread again rather than this.

(Paul Court) #13

appols, was trying to bump it from my phone on the train - not a wholly successful experience


(Dermot Jones) #14

Good fellow! How was is?