Unashamed plug

I know we have the christmas party coming up on the 15th but if anyone fancies it I am in this play next weekend,

for those that came to the last one, thanks for the support. and this one is completely different to the last one!!

Friday 14th and Sat 15th Dec Fri 8pm & Sat 7pm £12

DING DONG MERRILY by Lisa Pancucci

It’s Christmas Eve. Snow is falling as four friends meet for dinner. Amongst

the roasted chestnuts and mince pies old wounds are re-opened. Will it be

Goodwill To All Men or is that blood on the tinsel? ‘Ding Dong Merrily’ is a

dark comedy about love, anger, retribution and unrivalled arrogance,

where festive feelings collide and, in this Heaven the bells aren’t ringing.

http://www.thelondontheatre.com/7.html 5


Hope it went well last night, and break a leg tonight!