UK govt spec for rapidly manufactured ventilators

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Any members with the skills to understand what’s being asked for here:

Of course my mind went to what existing equipment could be adapted and Googled CPAP machines (as used for apnea)

This came up:

Interesting how it starts as a specification and ends up by the end of it as confusions where an electrical engineer was needed.

I only scanned it but it felt a bit mashed together. At one point it’s a device to run for an hour or two and later it’s a proper 14 day ventilator? But I mainly put it here for those that would understand it

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Looks like the government has set the bar at a high that only a big business could jump over.

Retired medical engineers and technicians need only apply.

First job reed the specs

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I Will be happy to help with the EMC and electronics side , and don’t laugh, the software, its going to be old school 1’s and 0’s stuff .

And a bring my other experience to the table .

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I would be happy to help with the software if someone figure out the physics for me , because that’s going to be hard.

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You are going to love Ada

My code, my language :stuck_out_tongue:

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In the end it was decided to go with making more of existing models:

Interestingly the two chosen designs are both pneumatic/O2 driven devices &#8211: no electrical engineering or coding needed

There we go, sorted. :smiley:

TBH I can see the appeal of it, meachanicals will be cheap and not get stuck somewhere in the software.

The problem is that 5k machines in 2 weeks are not enough.

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And of course…China

Elon Musk ordered to help…then just went on Bangood/AliExpress…

China had an oversupply, so we bought 1255 FDA-approved ResMed, Philips & Medtronic ventilators on Friday night & airshipped them to LA.

So… Oxford/Kings ‘boffins’ just completely ignored the specs…and came up with a very Makerspacey design

To put the situation into horrible context

The US with ~ 4x UK population has 172k ventilators – nothing like enough, apparently

The UK has ~ 8k so we’re a little short…I really hope someone put a decimal point in the wrong place

Yeah, this are scary numbers, there is no a right way to comment them…

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Have anyone heard if the EU will be sharing with the UK still during transition?

No but apparenlty China it’s been selling them to the US and that’s why they have so many of them…

apparently a ventilator company with 5000 units on the shelf was turned down the contract in favour of a Tory Party sponsor…

UCL came to the same conclusion as a bunch of makers/hackers – CPAP machines (often used to treat sleep apnea) can be adapted for COVID-19!

Next thing that occurs to me: there may well be thousands of these tucked away in people’s homes?

You may have read that 10 days later (a lot of exponential COVID-time*) only 30 new ventilators are due…‘with more to come’

But…Iron lungs ahoy! (And possibly Maker-able?)

*looks like cases more than doubled globally in one week to 1million. This could suggest 2 million next week, 4 the next, 8 the next…16 million by the end of the month…but that’s in the control of people and governments