TV Stand Design Competition

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For all you product/industrial designers out there Dezeen has partnered up with Samsung to design a TV stand for a new range of TV’s.

This one I think should be of particular interest as there is €30,000 worth of prizes up for grabs to 10 finalists and the design rights stay with you, so you aren’t even selling yourself out if you don’t get anything.

Looks like it could be fun for those that are inclined in such things, find out more here -

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Anyone interested in getting a team together for this?

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Ill be entering as myself, but I wouldn’t mind entering as a team as well.

You don’t need to make anything, just a CAD model and a few renders of it so material costs are pretty much zero if you already have appropriate software.

My CAD skills are practically nil…but I have ideas!

If we can garner a bit of interest from some other makers, would definitely like to meet up and discuss one evening soon. See if we can’t brainstorm something half decent.

i am in

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I’d be interested to join in with this - good CAD practice

I would be able to produce stuff to around this sort of quality, which i think would be good enough to compete with he types of people who will be entering this.

What software do people have experience with? Any Z-brush specialists?

Is there a space for one more?