Trying to DIY a wooden chessboard

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Hi everyone, I’m Luciana and new to this forum. I have an idea to make a wooden chessboard for my fiancé’s 30th. Would anyone with woodworking experience be able to help? I’m looking for a workshop space with power and hand tools, and someone with woodworking knowledge to support me for a half-day on this project. I would obviously pay for the workshop and tool access and your time. I’ve used power tools in the past but a bit rusty so not confident enough to go in on my own. I’ve been looking around for open access workshops in London but haven’t had much luck yet - any other suggestions also welcome (on the wait list for Blackhorse). Thank you in advance! Luciana

Hi Luciana,

Welcome to our community. Sounds like a fun project.

South London Makerspace is indeed a collaborative workspace, but we emphasise the community aspect as we’re run entirely by volunteers.

If you’re free next Wednesday, 31st May from 7pm - 9pm, we’re having an Open Evening where you’ll get a tour of the Makerspace and see the wood workshop with all the tools. Woodworking is very popular at SLMS and the beauty of a Makerspace is that if you ask nicely, you’ll probably get help.

However, we are not a paid service or a workshop for hire. A membership gives you access to the tools and the space, but in order to make the most of it, being an active member of the community is what will give you the best experience.

See you at the Makerspace,

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