Trimming down a small section


I have a small piece of (40 x 31 x 500) mm which I need trimming down to 40 x 31 x 500. I’m thinking the best way to do this would be to run it through the table saw.

If anyone is around tomorrow who is authorised to use this could help me with this I would be extremely grateful.


Hi Nick,

I’ll be around before Basic Woodshop Induction and also afterwards depending on when it finishes, probably from around 6pm.

Maybe I’m mis-reading but your dimensions are the same before and after but whatever it is I’m sure can help.

Thanks, Steve


Many thanks Steve that would great.

Yes sorry the new dimensions should read 40 x 22 x 500.

I will come for 6pm.

Much appreciated!

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Hi Nick,

I may be a little late as a work meeting was re-scheduled a bit later but should still be time to help you out before I start the Basic Woodshop Induction which is generally 6:30-7pm depending on when people arrive…

If not can do it afterwards but that might mean you waiting until later. If you are there for Electronics Night as well then maybe not an issue?

Sorry, but tricky to abandon the meeting with work…

Thanks, Steve

Ok thanks Steve. I will head there for 6 anyway on the off chance you have a little time beforehand.

Actually Steve not to worry. I’ve thought of another way of doing this which is less troublesome and which leaves me with some room for manoeuvre in case I cock up with the first attempt.

Very much appreciate your offer of help though!

OK, no worries Nick,

I’m actually here now anyway but I was thinking that table saw might be a bit of a sledgehammer for what you are trying to do…

Yes I think that dawned on me Steve the more I thought about it :grinning:

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