Tooting Restart Party looking for testing and safety equipment

See message below from our friends at Transition Town Tooting who are now running Restart Parties in Tooting

Any ideas? @electrotechs?

… hoping that you would know where we could get the following items cheaply or free of charge - for the Tooting Restart Party

Portable Appliance Tester - First Stop Safety BattPAT with calibration
certificate £239
Residual Current protectors x 3 - Clas Ohlsen £8 each, Total £21
Trailing Sockets 3m cable x3 - Clas Ohlsen £5 each, Total £15
First Aid Kit to BS - Boots £20

Speak to RS and see if they will donate these items?

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Not sure I understand; are TTT planning on running Restart parties independent of the Restarter organisation? If not, Restarter has all that stuff, including the PAT tester which is brought to all Restart parties. The venue must have a suitable first aid kit, or it should not be hosting parties like this.

Yes TTT are running them from now on, but still under the Restart Project umbrella

I’m guessing the equipment list is from Restart

Yes, venue will surely have first aid kit, but it’s always useful to have if running events/workshops…I always bring my own