Tonight, may 21, from 20.05 it's electronics night!

I moved again after 20.05 to let people partecipate for the appriciation to the key workes, see you on discord !


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I know I asked to join in as a non member, but this is the second week in a row that Discourse has notified me about new posts the day after the event :frowning:

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You’re probably getting scheduled updates and they will just send you posts from the past week (or a specific time period but you can change that in your account) Electronics night is every second Thursday so the next one should be on 5/6/20.

In the bottom of each conversation you can also change your setting to watching and you will get notifications every time someone posts there.

Yes, is it clearly just the unscheduled updates - the timing of which have been unfortunate for me. I have put an alert in my calendar now, so I dont need to rely on reading the forums :-S

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I know, someone else yesterday told me, I will start to publish the announcement Monday for Thursday.

Next one it’s the 4th!

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I missed it, too. I thought it would be next week.