Tom - 3d coloured wave form art using the lazer cutter inspired by structural engineering

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My name is Tom, I live in Brixton Hill and work as a structural engineer

I am working on an art project that aims to create 3d representations of graphical outputs from software I use at work

These outputs are colour contour representations of complex 3D waves. I am making a 2d line file for each colour contour layer that will be used to cut mdf with the lazer cutter. These will then be painted and built up in layers to produce a coloured 3d wave form.

I havent worked everything out yet but would love to use the in house guidance and facilities to realize the project.

I met David one of the makers at the White Horse who recommended the Maker Space

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Welcome! Looks like a cool project! Could be done in several ways depending on the scale…

Have you visited the space yet?


Looks like a great project!

I’m happy to help with planning and design-for-laser.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply to the post

Think it would be good to do a smaller test piece first but was thinking of making the pieces say 1 x 1m or maybe larger

I havent just yet although I am in the area and could easily come after work or on the weekend if thats something I should do. Otherwise have seen that there are the socials 1st Tuesday of every month.

What do you suggest?


Hi Brendon

Thanks, hopefully it will be! That would be very handy. Once I have got my foot in the door, so as to speak I would love to discuss this with you in more detail.


Hi Tom

This looks like a really interesting project! You will be very welcome to the Craft socials.

Brendon is the absolute laser cutter guru and has literally written the book about it! I dabble on the cutter making bits of jewellery and would be very happy to chat about it at the socials as I am almost always at them. I’ll certainly be at the next one in August.

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