Time for an interview on the South London Maker Space's COVID-19 engagement?

Hello! My name is Andreas Hepp from University of Bremen, Germany. Some of you know me from interviews I made at the South London Maker Space before. We are investigating different spaces in UK, Germany and the US, at this moment of time focusing on what COVID-19 means for the space and how the spaces are engaged in handling this crisis. I noticed that you built an initiative to raise money, but that COVID-19 is also a big challenge for you. Is someone interested in talking with me about this in an online interview? Thanks, Andreas

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Hi Andreas, hope all is going OK for you in Bremen. @Dermot can you address this? You know more about the Makerspace COVID-19 effort.

Yes…but poor Andreas has been trying to get an interview with me for an eternity

@ahepp let’s book something early this week. I’m flexible Monday and Tuesday after 2:30

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Moin, moin Andreas :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a great idea! We have some very interesting stuff going on at the moment!
Looking forward to reading the interview.

Hello @Dermot , thanks a lot! This is a great help. Tomorrow (Monday) at 4 pm? Would bis be fine for you? And shall I send you a Zoom invite or do you prefer another service? I only need a private email address to which I can send the invite. Again: Thank you very much, Andreas

Hi @fincheee, Thanks for asking. Things are fine here in Bremen, hopefully all works well for you, too. I just answered the message by @Dermot . I am looking forward to learn more about yours space engagement in that area! Best wishes, Andreas

Excellent – have DM’d

Hi Julia (Oh, you know “moin moin”! How that?), I just had a great interview with Dermot and he recommended me also to talk with you to get another perspective. So might I also interview you? Thanks for considering, Andreas

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Hi Andreas, of course we can do that. Let me know when is good for you. I am free on Wednesday afternoon.

I am German :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Julia, Thanks a lot – would bei 13.30 be possible (14:30 German time)? And might you please send me a private email to ahepp@uni-bremen.de that I can send you a Zoom invite? Thanks a lot, Andreas

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Yes, although mine would likely be somewhat controversial so perhaps I should leave it for now or do it anonymously?

You can send Zoom links via any text based communication tool.

You can also dial in via any phone, in many countries.

I’ll post my standard invitation as an example.

Hello Robert,

I would be very happy to talk with you. Controversies are always good! Do you have time the coming Wednesday (May, 6th), after 14.00?

Please send me a price email (ahepp@uni-bremen.de), then I could send you a Zoom invite.

Best wishes,