Timber for a bench?

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I was asking for recommendations for timber but I have just found perfect timber, 38 mm x 200 x 3 meter Douglas fir, planed at 17 pounds per length. It’s outwood Surrey, they sell kiln dried and air dried oak too, anyone got a van and need any timber at significant saving? I am not bothered if you want to stay closer to home, Tottenham Hale has a great timber place too, the savings from the prices asked by most London timber suppliers would pay for six van hires, and that is just on six boards ( £ 100 ) London quotes were 446 pounds. I will at least pay petrol and I can cut my boards down from 9 feet to six feet. If you have been planning a project this is the perfect opportunity to actually realise it. Come on people, let’s make use of the community aspect of the space. I mean are there any woodworkers at the maker space actively making solid wood projects? I am beginning to think not. Last time I asked for a timber supplier recommendation I got told Whittens,( it’s very sad that they closed) possibly the most expensive in London, five times the cost of the quote I already had from Tottenham Hale. Awesome. Is there anybody out there…out there…out there…?