Tidying and Cleaning

(Stuart) #1

Can I please remind people that it’s really important to keep the space tidy. I’m down to open up for the South London Raspberry Jam, where some talented kids get to be really creative. I’ve spent 30 minutes putting things away before I could even start to clean the table and sweep the floor. After sweeping it was surprising how much dirt appeared. I understand that we are in the process of getting a cleaner, however, I was unable to clean as I had to move so much stuff.

There was so much plastic around the 3D printer, and so many cut of wires and components around the floor of the soldering station.

(Dermot Jones) #2

This is a bit disappointing – but thanks for clearing it up, and for putting time in with the Pi group!

(PaulY) #3

Thanks for cleaning up @Stuart

This is really grim!

+1 for a clearer

…reduced fees for people that regularly clean up?