The new woodshop air compressor has landed

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It’s here, @Clix has done the unboxing (sorry, no video)…and he’s now setting it up in the woodshop

We have air again!


has an automatic drain valve been fitted.

NB ! corroded and uninspected pressure vessel are dangerous

No not yet, but what a splendid idea. Perhaps you’d like to sort it out and fit it.

I’m rather busy myself.

Unfortunately I am not a tech and dont have time at the moment

But I do feel that it would be negligent to knowingly run the air compressor with out as it has been demonstrated by history that we dont have the discipline to do it manually.

If someone tells me what I need to get, I’ll buy it, take delivery and organise a competent person to fit it (as in ask around the membership)

Well, I’m all for discipline!

There we go, I’ll leave you chaps to sort it out then.

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Nice to have air again!

I used it to blow out the CNC electronics… but the dang thing still doesn’t work - but hey! At least it is now dust-free!!!

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It’s ordered and on its way!

Is there a maintenance schedule?

I’m happy to learn and commit to sharing the workload

It’s arrived!

still in the box!

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“Fitted” to the best of my ability.

(Needs fitting properly - when someone gets time)


Heya - anyone know where this box went? Seems it was never fitted!

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