The art of airbrush painting

(Louis) #1

Hi Makers,
Is there anyone who is experienced in the use of an airbrush for painting?
I am looking to get started but don’t know whats good/bad and what a basic startup kit would be.
Would love to hear your opinions on discourse or can meet up in the space to chat in person if you are interested…
Many thanks in advance for any returns.

(Dermot Jones) #2

We might well be getting some spray paint and airbrush kit donated by Sata UK in the very near future

(Dale Connolly) #3

@platinumnqueen22 uses them for his projects if I’m not mistaken.

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #4

Hi all:grinning:, yes I do use airbrush, im in all day tomorrow and should be around this week from wensday onwards, any questions are more than welcome, Brian