I managed to make this portable workbench as my first project after induction…

…and I wanted to thank the various members who were so welcoming, helped me figure things out, find stuff etc. I’m figuring this out as I go along! Thank You!


It looks fantastic ,:heart_eyes: keep up the great work .Brian D=

Looks really awesome. well done

Love this! been planning shed bench of my own recently. Can you share any info on the vices? ta!

Hi David,
Thanks… yes, the vice is pretty much a Moxon. Twin screw… 10" long, 3/4" diameter, going through a single nut dropped into a mortice. I bought the components from Taylor Tooworks in USA. The jaw piece has an oval cut for the bolt so that it can move to hold irregular pieces. And some crubber on the face. At the ends of the bench are plane stops, fitted using Hangar bolts.

Happy to give more detail if you need…


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