Telecaster guitar project

(Marc Lupton) #21

Wasn’t happy with the join so saw it open.

Realised the issue was that one piece is warped making it hard to get the correct angle to join.

Finally got it joined nicely

(Marc Lupton) #22

Band Sawed out the outline of the swamp ash part

Routed the electronics channel

drilled the channel from the electronics channel to where the electronics cavity would be

Glued on the top

Planed the top flat

Routed out the neck pocket and the pickup cavities but need a different router bit to route deeper in the cavities

(Marc Lupton) #23

Got the binding on

Also truss rod route routed

(Johan Lindskog) #24

Looking lovely mate

(Marc Lupton) #25


now done the round over, the jack socket and the electronic cavity as well as the body mount holes in the neck pocket

(Marc Lupton) #26

The progress i got up to so far. Not sure if i will put inlays in this guitar . May leave it plain ebony. Undecided currently

Neck plate design (to be engraved by lazer cutter)


Once this guitar is finished I’ll probably try and make one of my own design at some point. I may use this opportunity to use the laser cutter to make a dante inferno inspired fretboard inlay