Table saw out of comission

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@metaltechs This looks like it was broken by people setting up the ventalation system to metal.

Who was this discussed with first?

My understanding before the huge pipe was put in was that there would be two pipes (hence the two motors in the roof)

@woodtechs were any of us warned this would be happening.

@metaltechs What is being done about the extraction for the woodshop now?

May I ask what actually has happened? E.g its cables were cut, blade broken? Just trying to understand the dimension of problem and effort required to fix.

Apologies if I missed a post outlining more details / facts.

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I think I saw in the post about the extraction that @mbg was helping out so I’m not sure if he has more details?
Any clue on what is actually wrong with the table saw/what happened?

The table saw extraction needed to be disassembled; when it was reinstalled the pressure in the system was inadequate. When it was uninstalled, there was a ton of dust in the system indicating that we need to look at realigning it (removing bends, flexi pipe) anyways. I’ll be in Monday morning to put together a remediation plan.


We weren’t planning to break anything, I’m sorry that this happened. This wasn’t very well thought out on our side.

We disassembled the table saw extraction pipe and removed the top section carefully in order not to damage it when putting a new one. We were planning to put it back. There was enough clearance measured for both pipes to go together (and still is). We’ve put the large new pipe and riveted it, which took maybe an hour, it got in the way and it was already quite late to do anything reasonable. For the understanding, I’ve got home at 6am. So we temporarily connected the table saw extraction pipe with the masking tape.

Extraction works this way, but lost around half the pressure at this point.

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That may account for a huge loss of pressure. Lots of air will leak through masking tape. Gaffer tape might provide a temporary fix for that seal if that’s needed.

On roof motors and pipe count, one of them is woodshop extraction, so only one motor for now, but we may need two, we don’t know.
We only have one large pipe because we got it cheaply next door with a short notice. It was discussed here and here. If we’re talking about similar new one, it is £130 a section and we need no less than 6 of them (12 if using double 30cm).

On mitigation efforts for the table saw, we probably could move the new pipe out of the way for now, but it is heavy. Not for one person. We need to think which way it takes less effort to fix.

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The hope was if it works, we will have less glue to remove afterwards. Maybe it wasn’t best idea.

Good quality genuine gaffer tape (as used in film production) should come off cleanly. Nasty sticky glue is left by nasty cheap duct tape that often gets used instead.

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I see no discussion all i see is “we have been offered this ……. Cheap……… needs to go tonight……”

And it was done.


I want to apologies for the table saw being out of commission during the weekend. We did our bests to put it back temporarily after we were unable to finish the job and apply the foil tape we had prepared. It is quite fragile stuff and wouldn’t survive the further movement of the large pipe.

Point taken, we’d need to mention anyone involved properly next time.

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I showed up on saturday to a Huge amount of mess that apparently we are all proud of putting there and a table saw that after 30 seconds of testing clearly could not be used and now after using the woodshop I know the belt sanders are also useless.

Any post tagging the woodecks would have been the least requirement after breaking the woodshop and not tidying up in the process.

Table saw and sanders are fine now thanks Kyle

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Hi all, :smiley_cat: I helped Steve tidy the mess left behind and gave it a bit of a sweep round.