Sunday 8th august woodtech recruitment day!

This Sunday with the view to carrying out work to make the space safe for reopening, requesting volunteers to help and learn how to clean the air scrubbers in the wood workshop.

You will need to bring a decent ffp3 mask as there will be dust.

We also want to try to get the large tool dust extraction working correctly again.

We are desperately seeking new woodtechs at all levels.
So if you can give up some of your time and have experience of woodworking machinery, and /or power tools and /or hand tool general woodworking and /or woodlathe please come along and we can get the wood workshop back up and running.

We have lots of other work to do at the space, so if woodworking is not your thing come along and lend a hand! Dermot will be there from 12:00 to allocate tasks.

@Dermot @LuptonM @Giles @Clix


I’ll be around and very happy to volunteer. Not sure I’d call myself a wood tech but I’m experienced with hand power tools and built a wooden pergola in our garden.

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@members ^^

I’ll be there on Sunday to help, I’m also willing to become a wood tech but only have unofficial experience with machines in the past but keen to be trained? If that is an option then can discuss on Sunday :+1:


Regrettably I will be moving all my stuff into storage on Sunday, but I would love to learn more shop maintenance such as cleaning the air scrubbers. Hopefully I will be down soon.


I’m not able to help on Sunday and also have to take a bit of care if too much dust around. Still happy to get engaged on woodtech activity. Will link up with you soon Mark.


I will be there at noon, mask in hand.


Is the woodshop still the main thing holding up reopening / inducting new members?

Same as several other people, I’m keen to get involved with SLMS and do some woodworking (planning to try my hand at some fine cabinetry), and have had some experience with hand and power tools and larger machines before (albeit around 10 years ago, though I’ve kept it up vicariously through YouTube and such).

I have an extended break between jobs with plenty of time to spare right now, so if there is any way for non-member volunteers to help out and get the waiting list moving faster, it’d be great to hear.
Perhaps at least there is another volunteer day being planned soon?


Welcome to the Makerspace community Matt :grinning: Your query is a valid one. Where did we get to with the induction issue @directors, @woodtechs, @Giles, @Julia ?

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Hi, the wood workshop is still not properly back up and running and inducting any new members won’t be possible for at least 1-2 months.
I hope we can move it along any faster and I will let you know if we can.

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Thanks @fincheee!

And thanks @Julia for the update - I guess I will look out for the next volunteer day to see if I can help out in any way.