Summer 2017 Makerspace Party - the planning starts here! When can you come?

(Dermot Jones) #1

We’re going to have a summer party!

This can be whatever members want to make it: part open family day, microMaker Faire with show and tell…wiggly wire competition, live music, projections…who knows?

Let’s pitch in all our ideas over the next few weeks and see what gets traction.

These events usually involve food and drink (that may even be part of our constitution?) and are a chance to celebrate where we’ve got to and how we arrived – and generally get together and enjoy ourselves.

@members I’ve set up a poll which will close on Friday 9th June at midnight. Please get your diaries out and click all the dates that work for you. If there are some very good reasons for not having it on one of the dates please let us know.

This will be a co-production of @events, @welcome, @marketing and as many members as possible. If you’re keen to get involved in this (and/or future events) let us know as we’re keen to bring new members into the above-mentioned teams.

Here’s a thread for discussing ideas for the party

Oh, and while we have your attention: why not head over to the Open Evening sign-up page and sign up for a future date?

  • Saturday 24th June
  • Saturday 1st July
  • Saturday 8th July
  • Saturday 15th July
  • Saturday 22rd July
  • Saturday 29th July
  • Saturday 5th August

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Thanks to @pip for raising this at the members’ meeting.

Apologies from me for posting this twice due to SNAFUing the poll.

(Dermot Jones) #2

Giving this a bump: 12 members voted so far: let’s get some more!

(Neil Thomson) #3

bump again but there’s a couple of winners emerging…

(Neil Thomson) #4

(Dermot Jones) #5

Poll closes at Midnight tonight.

So get your opinion in!

Or have people had enough of voting…

(Dermot Jones) #6

And the winner…by 3% – pretty much one vote – is…

Saturday 29th July

(Mary Schnorrenberg) #7

Ok yaaay! Saw the post initially and was thinking end of July, stoked I can make it! Will there be drinks and dancing or just boys talking about their toys?!? ; )

(Pete Hellyer) #8

If the Christmas party was anything to go by, there will be both drinks and dancing.

And a return of the great makerspace wire game.

(Mary Schnorrenberg) #9

Ok well that’s good news then…Ooh wore game sounds well exciting, cant wait for that!