Suggestions for commissioning a custom metal letter opener?

I want to get a present made for a family member - a custom letter opener, probably made of silver. I don’t have the foggiest where to even begin looking for someone who could make something like this, or how much to expect it to cost. Does anyone have any ideas of where to look? Or indeed, is there anyone from SLMS that does this kind of thing?

Dont have a huge amount of helpful suggestions, but the melting point of sliver is low enough that a propane torch and a graphite crucible will be enough… and oily-sand and a 3d printer are easy to come across :wink:

imaterialise can do sterling silver from a 3d model but it will be expensive

Carve it, them make a clay mould and cast it?

Traditionally you can do small things in a carved cuttlefish bone mould. Never done it myself and the smell is atrocious but it might be a fun project if you try it. I also have a feeling it’s usually done in fine silver which is a lot softer than sterling which you’d usually use for jewellery but I’ll have to check this evening, may end up too soft to be actually practical.