Stringing multiple fairy lights together

Would anyone know if it were possible to string multiple fairy lights together to run off of one power source?

Specifically, if I wanted 300 bulbs, but all split into groups of 30 with normal spacing, but these groups all being around a metre apart.

Essentially it would go plug > 1m cable > string of 30 lights spaced out at an inch or so (however they were manufactured) > 1m cable > 30 lights > 1m cable……and so on.

Is this possible, and if so, how easy would this be to achieve? Could I buy a string of 300 and just chop it up and insert le the of cable to achieve the gaps?

Thanks in advance :+1:

I’m looking to build a shelving unit across a 4m x 2.5m wall, floor to ceiling, and on the shelves I want around 10 empty whiskey bottles spaced out, each containing a bunch of lights. Don’t want to have to switch on 10 power sources. Want them to act as a light source for the room and to be able to control them all from one plug. Anyone have any other ideas how they might go about it?