Starting my own makerspace in Bath, would love to visit you guys :)

(Luke Clifford) #1


My name is Luke and I’m in the process of starting a makerspace in Bath. I’m going on a grand* tour of as many of the maker spaces in the UK to say hello, meet awesome maker people, and get inspiration for the best way to set things up here. If you run open nights or if there are preferred times you have visitors etc. it’d be great to hear them.

Hopefully meet you soon!


*probably not so grand as will be sleeping in a camper van

(electrotech) #2

good luck and enjoy

(EdwardBilson) #3

Good luck! Bath’s a fantastic place, lots. More potential sites knocking around compared to London. I’ll be eager to visit when I’m next down!

(Tom Lynch) #4

Have you joined the telegram channel for Hackspace Foundation?

(joeatkin2) #5

And we would love for you to visit.

The kettle is always on .

(John Mote) #6

Luke, I’m also interested in setting up a maker space in Bath. Would be interesting to arrange a call and discuss ideas. I can also give you a tour of Old Market Manor maker space in Bristol (7,000 sq ft joinery & metalwork space) if you’re interested. Cheers, John

(Dermot Jones) #7

Hey Luke, did you ever make it down to the Space?

We’re a welcoming bunch, so just let us know when you might be dropping by

(Luke Clifford) #8

I have not made it down yet. Would it be possible to pop in on the 29th and is there a preferable time to drop by?

(Gordon Endersby) #9

Former SLMS member here.
Moved down to Trowbridge very near to Bath.

As i couldn’t find a nearby maker or hackerspace I approached the local men’s shed and started up a weekly techie session. Your welcome to come along. Weve got an old industrial unit with a workshop and clean area.

Were on a membership drive at the moment as we can pay the rent but need more members to vary what we get up to. Its not just a bunch of old guys some of us are younger and we also accept women members.

So if you wanted to join us and help us move forward your welcome.
Or maybe we can help you get started and share some of our space.

Techie session is Thursday between 3 and 6 and theres an open morning on Wednesdays.
We want the premises open more through the week as were not using it to its potential.
Would love to get stuff going on in the evening as well.

Gordon Endersby