Stair renovation

Hey all, are there any building carpenters in the collective? I’m after some advice on a staircase renovation if anyone is able to help.I would like to have a go at replacing the panels I currently have for spindles but am unsure of anything to look out for before I tear into it. I know there are regs in spacing etc but I first would like to understand if I can keep the handrail and base and just replace the panels. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :+1:

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They modern spruce plywood and a later addition…I suspect if you take one out you might see attachments where spindles once were. Regs are max100mm gap I believe but that’s only relevant if it’s a new build or extension and buildings regs sign off is required. There are a lot of online companies that make spindles to order and sure they’ll have fixings and fittings accessories


You can also turn funky spindles on the wood lathe.

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There’s also a chance the old spindles are still underneath, or have you checked already?

@Dermot, No they are definitely not there, the panel you see is probably only 5mm thick… will open up one panel and post some pics…

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