Spring clean weekend 2020 POLL

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At the last members meeting it was agreed that we would have a Spring Clean of the Space.
In addition to a big clean up weekend. The Spring clean will happen after the Snug clear out is complete. Check the poll and vote for the weekend that’s the easiest for you.

I, @Beccaartist and @boldaslove volunteered to organise this.

Firstly we will need help from techs to identify what needs to be done in each area. Could you make a list of what needs to be cleaned. Could you post the list below the thread? This needs to be done by the end of February! What do you need to enable the clean? Do you need bags, screenwipes,etc. ?

For the rest of members:
When do you want the spring clean weekend to happen? Vote by the end of February!

  • 14th-15th March
  • 21st-22nd March
  • 28th-29th March

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@3dtechs @electrotechs @lasertechs @woodtechs @metaltechs @silkscreentechs @lathetechs @directors

There are going to be general areas to clean.

The social couch area.
The clean room lining.


Heads up…on Friday 13th our 50 tree saplings arrive for potting up.

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Okay,what is the plan? Just listening to @Beccaartist who has a really good suggestion.

We don’t have a plan : )

@beccaartist what’s your suggestion?

PS let’s keep this thread for spring clean, we have a Garden Project thread for thee sapling plantings and new decking/beds etc

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Ok we need a few more volunteers for the most exciting event of 2020.

Yes it’s the 2020 SLMS spring clean! Roll up roll up! Volunteer here!

Vote for what day you can attend and let us know what crazy cleaning skills you are going to bring to the party. Don’t be shy.

@directors please also feel free to put your names down and also it would be great to hear from you guys about a bit of budget for the first SLMS event of the decade!!

We would like to encourage members to come down and get involved so this would help make the event a bit more special.

Also this might be a good occasion to get a new sofa! the red one has been on its last legs for a while…

…any one fancy searching on east Dulwich forum for a free one?

I’ve a design for one with integrated storage given we never seem to have enough… The idea’s it to be a member built project but have yet to fully organize anything.


cool! shout me if you want any help

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Hi there,

How do I find the garden thread?


I’ve voted and would be happy to come and help, thanks for organising @boldaslove

Admin point - the ‘label it or lose it’ pad on the snug door seems to have run out

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@petra did these (for the Great Snug clearout, which is happening this month!)

Oh sorry, I thought these were happening together. Never mind :slight_smile:

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While we are at it:

  • is it worth giving the bathroom a lick of paint? Maybe there’s some white paint out the back?

  • any one got any tips on cleaning / bringing up concrete kitchen surfaces

  • maybe sanding the kitchen cabinet? they’re looking a bit tired…

  • any other areas need a lick of paint?

Would be nice to get a budget from @directors

…it would be great to get a bit of an event budget so we could do some advance planning, make it more attractive as an event, get more people down, get a buzz going, get people involved…

…all that takes a bit of planning in the background but also it needs some visible good will from the directors. There seemed to be budget last year when you guys announced beers and pizza for everyone. It would be great if we could get something equivalent and plan something good…


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2nd for pizza and beers :slight_smile:


Yes to beer and pizza/BBQ

Any paint etc needed of course. We have white masonry paint if anyone wants to tackle some of the graffiti in the estate (with the Space being the priority)

If this stretches into maintenance then the front windows/doors are in sore need of attention

Great re budget. It would be great if you guys could agree to an amount £100? £50? Then @petra @Beccaartist and I could plan what to buy in advance. We might be able to come up with something a bit more adventurous / healthy.

White paint great!

Windows? Yes why not? It would be great to get the space looking spick and span for the year ahead. I guess that’s what I think when I think spring clean. Dusting cleaning and TLC.

Could someone give some advise or step up to take care of the windows on the day please!? New members very welcome to get involved. It’s a great way to accelerate your shutter access!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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It would also be fantastic if there is a member who would like to step up and make a poster for our Spring Clean! (To create some attention in the space)

Any takers??? We need your skills! Won’t take long!!

…while I’m at it…:upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:…Would be good to get some techs involved…


…it would be great to get at least one person from each coming down on the day to help with the tidy / cleaning / area organising (and to make sure nothing crazy happens in your area)

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