Spring assembly for Spring Riders(those playground toys)

(Robin Baumgarten) #1


Does anyone here have an idea what kind of springs typical Spring Riders use? I mean these kind of playground toys:

They’re quite expensive if bought as a playground toy (often approaching £1k), and even the replacement springs such as this one are expensive.

Can anyone here guess what kind of spring this might be? Looks a bit like a car suspension spring or something similar…
I want to build one as a huge joystick for a game, but ideally not spend as much money…

(Dean Forbes) #2

in my youth those were tractor or trailer suspension springs - when I was a tenagger I made a diving board for our swimming pool out of some

perhaps a breakers yard (scrap dealer)

(Jonty Bottomley) #3

The garage I used to work at used to have a tonne of slightly smaller ones - VW Campervan Suspension springs; circa 150mm x 350mm if memory serves, I could swing by and ask if you’d like.

(Dean Forbes) #4

the ones from vans or cars are likely to be more appropriate IMHO as the larger ones may require significant force to bend

So Jontys suggestion is spot on

(Andrea Campanella) #5

Are you going real life dimensions on the quantum garden ?

(Pete Hellyer) #6

these dudes make springs: https://springmakers.uk.com/large-springs/

(Robin Baumgarten) #7

The VW Campervan springs sound good, I wouldn’t mind playing around with a couple to test!

(Jonty Bottomley) #8

Cool, I’ll swing by and see if they’re still about, else another garage may have something suitable.

(Rich Maynard) #9

Here’s another option - a garage door spring

12" rule for scale