Spray Booth for Space

@Dermot, Not sure who else to raise this with or if this is the right place to post.

I might be able to get the space a free spray booth. It would need someone to pick it up from Maidenhead ASAP, and I would need to know this if it is wanted this afternoon. See below:


Looks good to me – what do you know about it?

@platinumnqueen22 @Dani_Clode @saminvent any thoughts?

This would be good it we can manage to get it as it can be used for powder coat and other sprayables too


Looks good!

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Got a thumbs up from @saminvent too

But… who’s got the ability to fetch it?

Hi all,:grinning: This is perfect, and my favourite word (FREE ):scream:

Could do man and van website or Shipley.com

A question to ask yourselves is what size is the extractor at the end of that duct work and is it also available.

I need a response on pickup today, otherwise it is likely going into a skip. Also, RAMS are likely required for pick-up.


RA and method statement?

Yes, Risk Assessment and Method Statement. It is located at a construction site. I may be able to get the contractor to remove it from site and load it up for someone to get around the RAMS.

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That would be handy as it’s a challenge to assess it unseen

I think we want it – have you got any dimensions so we can work out how to get it

I believe it is 1300w x 1300d, not sure the height.

Ahh The suspense, was the spray booth get collected?

Sadly not…