Spare fobs?

Would anyone in the space be able to tell me if there are any spare fobs - I lost mine, de-registered and need to register a new one - and where they are kept?

There’s currently only one or two spare fobs left (@Dermot - maybe we need to order more?). They’re kept in a glass jar behind the fob registration computer next to the kitchen.

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I think we need to RFID the fobs so we know where they’re going…I put plenty there to cover new members

Will top up at the weekend!

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@Dermot are there any left? We had a look see and could not locate the stash :frowning:


I failed to bring them in, so we’re down to returns now

I’ll try and get some there by the weekend!


Is there an easy means of wiping old fobs?

Also, surely there is a log in the membership system as to what RFID is attached to which account?
I doubt people are taking them for the sake of it, I also don’t understand where they all disappear to…

It’s plausible that people grab a new one when they forgot their own and have stashes of their own, might be worth giving a nudge if the data is available?

Hey guys,

What kind of fobs work with the system? Any datasheet, spec available? Is it possible to register one I already have? What about using some phone app that could “emulate” fobs?

I am new to the club and would like to join the fun soon, just need to find some time to pop in :slight_smile:

Am also keen to help with any technical issues with with these (and other electronics/hardware/machinery/etc.).


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Old ones don’t need wiping – as soon as a new fob is assigned to an account the old one can be used again…maybe we need a ‘fob amnesty’? And ask for members to look in drawers and bring in old ones

Mifaire fobs…we ask all members to use the same fobs as the tool control systems need the physical presence of a fob, and are therefore designed around the dimensions of the ones we use. If you have time enthusiasm for ironing out technical issues… you’ve come to the right place

@Courty any tool control work upcoming?

There is a log on the Membership Kiosk, if one of the directors wants guidance on how to access this I can advise, it will likely indicate as you say that a small handful of people have a tendency to forget and get a new one, then never bring the old one back, or at least that was what was happening when I was there.

Hi guys,

Was wondering if there are any fobs available to collect. If not do we know when there will be?


There will be some tonight

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Awesome, will come by then.
Thanks Dermot