Space open today! - Friday 11/10/19

Hi all,

I will be in the space all day today - I have met several folks recently that are new members without shutter access and not sure when it is open, so just a heads up if you have making to do! :wink:



Thanks a lot for letting us know Andy, really helpful. Ill be popping over in an hour.

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In absence of a better solution, keyholders could make similar posts when they’ll be in with a time estimate, if appropriate?

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@RobertL you just tagged a lot of members there! We usually reserve that for announcement and urgent matters

We do encourage members to let other members know when they’re going to be in…not many do though

End of the day the only way to find out if there will be members in the Space is communication… technology could support this… possibly by having a calendar for members to fill in expected sessions, or wanted sessions…

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Sorry :disappointed: I wasn’t aware there were so many of us

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Hey, no worries! Just worth r keeping those calls for special occasions