Space COVID opening request - laser cutting face shields


We’ve been asked to provide face shields for local shop staff so want to use this as a feasibility study

My request is to open up the space for me to work alone on this project with the laser cutter

The risks of me catching COVID or spreading it via this are none/theoretical as I will be practicing appropriate hygiene and distancing, and wearing a mask (to model possible future production of medical Shields)

Materials for this are arriving today



Go for it. Laser cutting these things is way more efficient than 3D printing

Have you thought about lone working procedures? Bit of a remote possibility but something bad might happen to you and nobody would know.


Set up a live webcam? :thinking:


We don’t usually have a lone working rule around the laser cutter…but it’s worth thinking about

I won’t be accessible any of the no lone working tools. But this could be a future possibility


I’m saying ‘go for it’

What shop?
How many masks?

If you needed help with settings, tag @lasertechs or send a message!


I’m ok with it but remeber, you are going to be alone running the laser, please even more attention and if you are tired just don’t overdue, the covid it’s not the only thing that can hurt you around, ok ?

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I might well do – the whole toolpath has changed since I last used it…no longer cuts from Inkscape, is that still the case?

Also: never tried cutting polypropylene before…

If you use inkscape on the computer there should be fine, it’s an old version that works.

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MakerDifference good work :slight_smile: proud to be a part of it!

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South London MakerDifference Space,

Like it!

I agree, go for it

Polyprop is very melty, so crank the movement speed up

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That’s exactly what I’m looking for, thanks!

Vinyl cutting that stuff might be worth considering also

I wondered about that…but it’s brilliantly though

I went for cutting ‘hot and fast’ as an approach blessed on advised meltiness

Power: 100 Speed: 3.8 Freq: 1000

Might experiment a little with those, and welcome suggestions

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Did you make some progress with this? A local hospice has asked for donations of protective equipment. They are even accepting swimming goggles. Face shields like this would be ideal.

St Christopher’s? @Courty or @TomHedges 8s contacting them

Yep, OK great