South London Maker Space as a community (question from a researcher)

Hi All,

I am Andreas Hepp, from Bremen University in Germany. We research Maker Spaces in the US, Germany and UK. I have visited the South London Maker Space several times and already talked with some of you. It’s a remarkable space and I’m very impressed with the projects I’ve already seen!

I am looking for people with whom I could talk about the activities in your different groups (Electronics, Laser Cutting etc.) and maybe someone who are active at the South London Maker Space for a longer time to talk about its history. The interviews are about your different projects, how you organize your work and your community.

Is there anyone interested in? If yes, please contact me via email: .

Any support would be a great help!



Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp
Twitter: @Andreas_Hepp

Latest book: DEEP MEDIATIZATION (Routledge 2020)

Universität Bremen*, ZeMKI
Zentrum für Medien-, Kommunikations- & Informationsforschung
Centre for Media, Communication & Information Research
Linzerstr. 4
D-28359 Bremen, Germany

October 2018 to December 2019: Visiting Professor, LSE,
Department of Media and Communications

Tel.: +49 421 218-67620

Hi ahep,
I would be pleased to meet with you. Ive only been a member here for a short time, but I would be interested to hear how other Makerspaces around the globe work, and what they do to improve their community i.e. what is their motivation model.
I’ve previously been engaged as a Business Architect, hence my interest.

Hi Neil,

Thanks for your message. We could mee tomorrow (Wednesday, 9th) in the late afternonn / evening at the Maker Space. Would this work for you? And if yes, at qwhich time?



I’m afraid I’ve used up all my domestic goodwill until next week!

However, I could do this evening between 7 and 8pm…

I am traveling today, sorry, am in London from tomorrow to Saturday (I am based in Bremen, Germany). But I could contact you when I am the next time in London?