South London Maker Festival - social media posts and links

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There’s a fair bit of social media flying around for the festival

First post here will have the links – please follow/share to your hearts’ content…

If you spot anything out there mentioning us then please let us know

South London Maker Festival dedicated links


Dedicated Twitter account:
URL for it:

SLMS links

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Today’s tweet:

Website post

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Should probably fix this ipsum text:

Looks like a great event see you there!

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Website is back on the theme default, @courty if you have the login details I might have some time to fix it up tonight.

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Tweet about @platinumnqueen22’s models

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He’s away in France, so communication might be sporadic…

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Tweet from Create Edu UK

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Our very own @RichM!

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #10

Hi Dermot, yes that’s fine, Brian D=

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Hmm…the style is familiar…

(Rich Maynard) #12

Spotted! That’s the (other) day job.

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Brixton Buzz have posted a slight rewrite of our Eventbrite spiel…

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Electro bring and buy table from Dave Green

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Computational Hardware for Pragmatists

@Edd these are the kits I mentioned

(Dermot Jones) #17

Build an instrument on TX modular with

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@Jonty_Bottomley’s coin-derived jewellery workshop

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