Solar power for USB output

I’m going away this weekend and won’t have any reliable power. Was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on solar power providers to charge a battery pack via USB C.

If anyone has one I could borrow/rent for the weekend that’d be even better! I’d love to try one out to see how it performs before buying one.


Do you mean solar power bank or charge controller for solar panel?

Only person I know at slms having actually make a functional solar set up is @Howard

Good question…

Ideally I’d like something portable-ish that I can put in the sun, and plug my battery pack into to charge the battery pack (which I can then charge my phone off of overnight)

Realistically though, I didn’t think any of this through, and I’m leaving this afternoon so wouldn’t have time to come collect it anyway :joy:

It is definitely something I want to explore for future camping trips though - possibly to design and build something to be mounted on the roof rack bars :thinking:

There should be small solar power banks you can get in …decathlon or Argos, PC curry’s etc as that’s been around for a long time.

re panels : Check vids on YT familiarizing with types of panels as well as types for mounting on top of van, I know someone outside of the space who’s done this, might be able to get you in contact should it be helpful, they started from scratch I think.

But basically it is Solar panel > charge controller > battery > appliance from my humble familiarity with this.

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There are kind of small solar panels that can help you. I just honestly only bought the big ones for the whole house here Best solar inverter, but I’ve seen the small ones too. It’s not only compact and convenient but also economical. By the way during this time I have not encountered any problems, the system works, and that’s the main thing for me.

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I noticed this thread too late but I run a business that supplies portable solar panels. We have models with and without built-in USB output and I would be happy to loan one to anyone interested.