Social Nights?

I was wondering if anyone would be up for a monthly social night, would be good for new people to break the ice and get people togheter!



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Probably just wants for someone to organise the first one…

If these do take off with whatever frequency (monthly social? quarterly social?) the only suggestion I have from other community type stuff is it’s worth varying the format from time to time to ensure you catch members who don’t fancy ‘drinks in a bar’ type events (e.g. occasionally drop in ‘going for a pizza meal’ or other things keep the appeal broad)

Exactly this – a date in the calendar and people will come

We did used to have these every month or so, but they fell to the wayside…sometimes just a meet for a drink, a few pub quizzes here and there…but it can be whatever people imagine

All right, I need to check my calendar, I guess I can double as guest for the social night as well :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mark Johnson will do a quiz night around Easter time.


Well volunteered @lewisss!

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@emuboy any update? We can promote this at members meeting tomorrow

Sorry, not yet, I had some personal things going on and I haven’t managed to plan anything.

Previously it was ‘second Tuesday of the month’…but no reason you have to stick to that!